Search for the Colors of the Caribbean: Part 2 - Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, and Cruising by Cuba

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On Sunday morning, the second day of our cruise on the Eurodam, we awoke to find that we were almost at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. After a delicious breakfast in bed, we got ready for the day and headed to the tender boats to get to shore. The beauty about this little island is that it is owned by the cruise line, which makes it a private island.


The island was quiet and peaceful and the beach was not packed. There were a variety of excursions to do on Half Moon Cay, but only our son had signed up for one of them, while we decided to stay on the beach and roam around.


Before his excursion, my son hit the water and searched for shells and sea life.



Along a small part of the shore are these little beach houses that the visitors can rent for the afternoon. So colorful. So vibrant. So expensive.



One of the excursions available on Half Moon Cay is horseback riding through the wooded trails, on the sand, and in the water.  My husband and I ventured down the beach to see if we could find those horses and their riders as they made their way towards the water. It was a long walk, but I enjoyed every step of it. The sand was so soft and warm. 





We stopped here, under shade, to wait for the horses to come by. It was right next to where the horse riding excursion starts and ends. 



The horses soon appeared from the trail and were heading right towards us. I was excited and hopeful that they were going to be heading into the water, but, to my disappointment, they did not. Two of the riders had decided that they were done with this excursion and stopped to dismount, with the help of the attendants. As they did, I decided to follow the group, still hoping that they would soon be heading into the water for a swim. As I ran to keep up, the sound of a galloping horse came from behind me.  I turned around just in time to see one of the riderless horses, flying by me, on its way to get back with the group. Apparently, even though the person was done with the excursion, that horse was not!





I found the second riderless horse playing hide and seek.



The horses and their riders disappeared onto another trail and I gave up my chase and headed back to where my husband was patiently waiting for me. We were done chasing horses and decided to head up the the beach and to find lunch. 



As we ate lunch clouds started rolling in, giving the water a beautiful muted color.




In the blink of an eye, our afternoon had passed and it was time to head back to the ship for the evening. If there was an island that I could be marooned on, it would be Half Moon Cay, Bahamas!


In order to get to Georgetown, Grand Cayman, we had to cruise around the country island of Cuba! We woke up Monday morning to this beautiful site off our balcony! The waters were much deeper and so was the color. I never realized that Cuba was so mountainous!



The dark waters off Cuba were rougher and choppy. What a contrast between the white caps and deep blues! I had the opportunity to be creative and make some abstract images from the comfort of our cabin's balcony.






After breakfast we headed down to one of the lower decks where passengers were either snoozing on the lounges, getting their daily exercise by walking full circles on the outer deck, or just taking it all in. We tried walking around for exercise, but only made it one lap. I loved watching the wake caused by Eurodam. The lighter, and brighter, color was still there on the starboard side as the sun lit the water. 




Before we joined the rest of the group I decided to have a little fun with the 8mm fish-eye lens. 



Next stop . . . Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island!





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