Capturing beautiful images to tell your story!


Hello! My name is Sharon and I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area! I specialize in portrait photography, working with high school seniors, couples, children and babies, families, and of course (also one of my favorite subjects) pets and animals! When I am not working, exploring the area capturing nature images with my camera! Please feel free to peruse my Portfolio to get an idea of my style. Also, while I take my job and work seriously, my clients and I have tons of fun during the shoots. If we're not having fun, then what is the point? Check out the Outtakes album! I am proud to say that I have been published back at home, nationally and internationally! One of my greatest accomplishments was that five of my images were published in National Geographic's Your Shot! The Polar Bear Silhouette made it to National Geographic's Your Shot Daily Dozen's Top Shot! Another photo, which is one of my most absolute 
favorite polar bear shots also made it to National Geographic's Your Shot page!